SOLAR | In Operation

Copper Mountain Solar 3
Location: Boulder City, NV
Capacity: Up to 250 MW
Homes Powered: About 89,000
Completed: mid-2015
Customer: Southern California Public Power Authority

Copper Mountain Solar 3 is jointly owned by Sempra U.S. Gas & Power and Consolidated Edison Development. It is the third phase of the landmark Copper Mountain Solar complex, currently one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) solar facilities in the U.S. Situated on about 1,400 acres of land, Copper Mountain Solar 3 taps into the intense desert sun in Boulder City, Nevada to produce clean energy and a stronger local economy.

The 250-megawatt (MW) facility was completed in 2015, generating enough clean electricity to power about 89,000 homes. The project provided a boost to the local economy, creating about 500 construction jobs at peak and four positions to operate the facility. The renewable power from the facility is sold to the Southern California Public Power Authority.


  • Created about 500 construction jobs at peak and four full-time positions
  • Generates new revenues for state and local governments
  • Located near existing power plants and transmission lines
  • Requires no water to generate electricity
  • Produces a new source of clean, emission-free electricity