Low-Emission Energy

More change will affect the energy industry over the next decade than the advancements from the past 100 years. Innovative smart grid and smart meter technology, expanded networks of new electric vehicle charging stations and advanced solar and wind projects are creating the energy to change.

At Sempra U.S. Gas & Power, we help accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy future by focusing on a Low-Emission Energy model that includes a combination of solar, wind and clean natural gas. This approach delivers a reliable supply of energy to consumers with less impact on the environment. And because these fuels are widely available right here at home, it also diversifies our national power supply mix and enhances energy security.

Low-Emission Energy

Alternative energy plays a more prominent role, delivering the next generation of clean, emission-free power. But even with the addition of more solar and wind projects, the necessity of power generated by fossil fuels remains. As the cleanest fossil fuel, natural gas has 50 percent fewer emissions than coal. And it provides round-the-clock electricity and critical back up to renewable power sources when the wind or sun isn't available.

We believe in change, and take it upon ourselves to assist the transition to a cleaner energy future. We deliver reliable energy in more responsible ways, using natural gas and innovative technologies for low and zero-emission energy generation.

Sempra Energy Awards

In 2011, Sempra Energy was added to two prestigious sustainability indexes -- the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index and the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

The Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index recognizes the top 20 percent of the 600 largest companies in North America that lead their respective industries in managing economic, environmental and social issues.

The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index highlights companies within the S&P 500 Index that have the most transparent approach to climate change disclosure, good internal data management and a strong understanding of climate change issues that may affect the company.

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Corporate Responsibility

Learn more about the steps being taken by the Sempra companies to develop sustainable energy solutions.

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