In just one hour, the earth receives more energy from the sun than the entire world uses in a whole year.

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source on the planet. And with some of the strongest solar resources stretching across the Southwestern U.S., the sun drives our country's transition to a cleaner future.

As a solar power leader, Sempra U.S. Gas & Power is developing multi-phase solar complexes in the sun-intensive deserts of California, Arizona and Nevada, capable of generating about 600 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity using the latest in photovoltaic solar panel technology.

We operate one of the largest photovoltaic solar power complexes in the country. The nearly one million solar panels at Copper Mountain Solar 1 convert the Nevada sunlight into enough emission-free energy to power about 17,000 homes. All without tapping precious water supplies.

In Operation

410 MW(1)

Under Construction

308 MW(2)

Development Pipeline

600 MW

(1) 352 MW are jointly owned with Consolidated Edison Development
(2) Jointly owned with Consolidated Edison Development


How Photovoltaic Panels WorkPhotovoltaic (PV) cells produce renewable energy from the power of the sun. Made from semiconductor materials, these cells convert sunlight directly into electricity without the use of water. By linking together hundreds of thousands of photovoltaic solar panels in sunny desert environments, Sempra U.S. Gas & Power solar plants are capable of generating enough clean electricity to power entire communities.