Natural Gas

The natural gas industry supports nearly 3 million jobs and adds more than $385 billion to the national economy.

Natural gas is a clean, reliable fuel that fulfills the growing demand for new sources of energy. And with abundant supplies found right here at home, natural gas can help power America’s future for generations.

Sempra U.S. Gas & Power develops energy solutions throughout the natural gas supply chain. From underground storage and pipeline transmission, to local distribution and electricity generation, we are investing in the infrastructure to make this clean fuel available to more consumers.

Natural gas generation

625 Megawatts

Natural gas storage

42 Billion
Cubic Feet

Natural gas pipelines

Nearly 1,700 Miles*

Natural gas distribution

110,000 Customers

Why natural gas?

Natural gas creates jobs and a stronger economy. Almost 3 million jobs are supported by the natural gas industry, which adds more than $385 billion to the national economy.

Natural gas is clean. With 50 percent fewer emission than coal, natural gas plays a major role in reducing air pollution in communities across the country. Clean natural gas can be used to generate reliable, affordable electricity, heat our homes and power low-emission vehicles.

Natural gas is domestic. America has the most abundant supply of natural gas in the world. By utilizing natural gas found right here at home, we improve energy security and independence.